Cisco Live 2024 EMEA

LTROPS-2977: 4 domains in 1 pipeline: Cross-domain Automation with Cisco Catalyst Center, ACI, Firewalls and NDFC using NetDevOps approaches

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Getting started with NetDevOps tooling
  • Push configuration to all 4 domains using Ansible or Terraform
  • Validate your code and use automated testing to verify results with Robot Framework
  • Build CI/CD pipelines using GitLab
  • Secure your secrets using HashiCorp Vault
  • Create your own Docker container
  • Get all the code as a takeaway

Cisco Live 2023 EMEA & US

LTROPS-2977: Cross-Domain Automation with Cisco DNA Center and ACI using CI/CD Pipelines

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage your own projects in GitLab
  • Setup GitLab runner both for Shell (CLI) and Docker
  • Build docker images with automation tools
  • Define a simple pipeline that will run against multiple domains (DNAC & ACI)
  • Define more complex pipelines with artifacts and multiple stages

Your hosts

Image of Speaker

Joerg Schultz is working as a Partner Systems Architect for the German Channel Partner Organisation. He is also Automation & Programmability Lead for Cisco Germany and drives the development on Network Programmability together with customers and his partners.

Before joining Cisco in 2018, Joerg worked in R&D with a strong focus on SDN topics such as Software-Defined Wireless Networks. Currently, his focus is on Managed Service Automation, Enterprise Switching, Software-Defined Access and Network Automation with Cisco Catalyst Center (Platform).

Apart from his professional certifications, Joerg is a strong believer that knowledge increases by sharing it with others.


My name is Chris, and I am an experienced professional from Germany with over four years of tenure at Cisco. Initially, I embarked on my career path as a Consulting Engineer, specializing in Datacenter technologies. Later, I transitioned into a sales role, taking on the responsibilities of a Systems Engineer, where I cater to clients within the financial industry.

My core passion lies in automation, DevNet, and assisting customers in realizing their automation goals. Utilizing my expertise in these areas, I am committed to delivering support and facilitating the seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions for businesses spanning diverse industries.